Dev Team

Meet the Team behind The sucess of Nomad Coin and the Support Comminty


Coin Developer

Coin developer in a world of crypto heads.

Btcnomad/Wandering Wildman

Community Admin/Promotion and sales

Personal Computer Programmer, Networking Specialist, Website Dev, Mobile app Designer,


Advisor/Graphic Designer

Web Dev, Web Marketing, Web Hosting, Graphics


Meet the partners of Nomad Coin and the Support Comminty

Nomad EveryWhere


Nomad Everywhere is a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect and enhance camping nationwide by promoting outdoor ethics, and enabling community efforts that help make our world a better place.

Nmd Swag Team

Meet the Team behind The sucess of Nomad Coin swag store

Rolling Robins

Store Manager/Product Specialist

Hi I am Lisa Robinson, I gave up an very busy life for the GOOD life. I am an Ex- trucker, EMT, and Water Rescue recovery diver. I found that the moments I saw bad or good made them that much sweeter. So my husband and I took to a much simpler and satisfying life style. I now follow my photography passion as well as designing. I hope you enjoy our products!

Nmd Community Team Members

The ones that keep the community moving and keeping bad guys out from the get go.


Verifer/Community Dev

Linux Advanced User, Self-Taught Programer, Wallet Speciallist, Support Tech


Verifer/Coin Dev

creator of EXIST coin. Looking to bring the crypto to the real world where you can use it for daily payments.



As a self employed business owner, crypto enthusiast, investor & team member. The Punisher has held several positions on different teams including Security, Marketing, Mod, Graphics & last but not least Punisher!!


Verifer/Coin Dev

Coin creator of TTPC , Prissy is the voice that speaks up for every Victim who can't have a voice to speak for their right "Not to get hit." Prissy takes no shit ...