Become a Nomad Merchant

Nomads are a great people. They love the outdoors and site seeing. They travel far and wide to make there dreams come true. But i bet you didn't know that A nomad will buy things local to them at that time. They will shop grocery store's museums parks, events, shops, taverns and more based on your town's local businesses. So this will bring more money back in to your local economy which will help you and your neighbor's businesses strive to be there best when they have customers buying from them. 

Nomads are a great way to get help the local economies they pass through. So what if you Accepted Nomad coin as a way for them to pay for products and services that you provide. Even tho nomads travel from place to place they should have a way to know there business is accepted at your location and that you welcome them to buy from you.

It's a win win for both nomads and businesses alike.

As a nomad Merchant you can allow nomad's to pay for products or services with our crypto currency through our p.o.s blockchain getting transactions faster and giving the buyer piece of mind and security in their purchase from you. You also can easily track orders with the coins block explorer, by using the transaction ID to know when it will be available to you as a merchant.

This allows for transparency in the purchase and allows trust to be built between you and your customer. Now once you have you payment in nomad coin how do you transform it to pay your expense with it along with your cash or credit card orders. 

Thats where nomad coin steps in and places nomad coin on a trading platform that builds the coins value and creates a fantastic experience for both nomad's and merchants alike buy allowing nomad to be bought on the market and used to pay merchants at a value that is fair the buyer. 

I know, I know! Thats great for the buyer but what about the merchant. Well as a merchant accepting nomad coins for payment. there is some math involved but here is a simple example of how nomad coin can help your business..


Nomad coins sell on the market for say 100 satoshi's per coin.

Nomad's buy coin at 100 satoshi's per coin.

They pay merchant with bought coins.

Merchant then turns around and then invests them back into the exchange allowing for the business to have accounts to gain value as the demand of coins go up. 

Merchant sells some coins at say 110 satoshi's a piece now the merchant has made gains on those used coins. and now has potential to grow it or use it. 

This in return allows the merchant to allow the growth in value and the demand of the coin create automated income for the business. So it can create wealth with out products sales during say slow seasons. 

Now look at a holding of coins accept for payment and only selling small amounts to had to the covering of operating expenses but you don't sell all the coins. You grow there value more and allow the company the potential to become a great business and allow it to provide better customer service.

So with all that being said. Where do you see your business in 5 years or even 10 years down the road after accepting nomad coins for payment of products and services you provie.

If you see much success in this venture I would like to welcome you to download our white paper and are merchant letter's below. (PDF)

Merchant Welcome letter

Nomad Coin White Paper

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