What is A Crypto Coin RoadMap?
A cryptoCurrency coin "RoadMap" is a planned trip through out the year of the progress the Coin's Developer and Team see the currency going.
Now as you should already know a planned road trip will never go as planned. But it does not stop you from moving forward and making sure you keep ontop of as much as you can and you do what you can when you can so please NOTE that roadmap's do change.

also that 2018 tasks that was not completed are transfered into 2019 and will be done this way for every year following. we want our nomad merchants, sponsors, and investors to see things being done even if it was not as planned. The big thing will be if it even gets done at all..

with this knoweldge I the developer of the coin and website creator of this site feel you have the info you need to understand more about NMD Coin's roadmap History and the now to help you see where nmd is heading in the future of the coin.
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