Welcome to the Home Of the Nomad ALT Crypto Coin.
We are glad you found us.
On this site here is what you will find to make your Nomad adventure more of a enjoyable and profitable experience to help build a better Nomad experience you will never forget. 

If you have been doing any research you will know that bitcoin had a Heck of a ending year in 2017 and who knows it may do even better this year and the years to come. So it was decided to make Nomad Coins The Coin That Wanders. This coin is meant to help Nomad's all over the world fund there adventure and allow them to have the freedom to enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed. 

Thats why we welcome you to the Nomad coin website and invite you to jion the Nomad coin experience. We are focused on the Building the attentive crypto coin that make's the nomad experience something to never ever turn your head down at ever again.
Nomads have gained a bad rep in this day and age for being called bum's, bag-abounds, hobo's, rubbish and more.
Nomad coin is here to change that so nomads of the millennium will never have to be called these horrible names ever again and wonder where there next meal, or warm place to sleep will ever come from again.

Nomad coins provide:
Fast transactions
Fantastic community support
Low difficulty:
210m total supply
premine 15% 31500000
min coin age - 3 hours
50 coins per block pow
50 coins per block
postx min fee 0.1 NMD
algorithm hmq1725
block size: 6mb
last pow block: 1000000
p2p port: 15716
rpc port: 15717
testnet p2p port: 25716
testnet rpc port: 25717

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